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Record photocopies

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Describe the item you would like photocopied. Please be as specific as possible.

Want a copy of a specific record or article?

Use this service to request a copy of the information you are after.  Please be specific in your request.

Delivery options available:
  1. Scanned digital image sent by email
  2. Photocopy available to be picked up at the Centre
  3. Photocopy available to be posted to you

Ask first

It is advisable to ask the Centre first to find out if information is available. Use the $5 Lookup service to get details, before requesting copies.

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Important notes

  • Requests for research of the Hamilton Spectator newspapers can only be undertaken if a date, month or year can be provided.
  • You are buying the time of a Centre voluntees to undertake research on your behalf. We cannot guarantee that we will find exactly what you are looking for. Records simply may not exist, be available or be accessible.  Where possible, we will endeavour to complete your request or possibly provide you with some guidance on other avenues which you can pursue. For this reason, we do not offer refunds if we do not find the information you are after.